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Joe Rush – Policeman
“I have been telling people about hypnotherapy and how well it worked for me, but when they ask me what it is like…I find it is an indescribable feeling!   I was pretty apprehensive at first, I really didn’t know what to think or what to expect. But once Vicky was there and talking to me normally, it made me relax more and focus on why I wanted to have a go at it.

I liked her professional but informal approach, it worked for me; from the first moment she started talking to me, the way she was asking questions in general conversation made me feel really comfortable, to the fact I knew she was actually listening to what I was saying – along with her softly spoken voice these were all major attributes to allowing myself to go into hypnosis.

I find it hard to describe what the state of hypnosis feels like ….I just know that throughout the whole time I felt I could stop it whenever I wanted, I still had the power of that – but I didn’t want to…because it made me feel so good, and so relaxed, I had no desire to stop it. (It really surprised me the length of time I was in hypnosis compared to what I thought!)

Using hypnotherapy I have achieved the goal I came in with (turning my motivation to exercise up from a 3 to an 8) but it has unexpectedly had on-flow effects on other things I want to achieve, for example I wanted to exercise more, but now I am eating healthier as a result of it too (and have lost a notch on my belt!) plus it has also helped me to be able to relax more.  I am happy with the results; I’m out running or doing something everyday!

Hypnotherapy has had an incredible effect on me, I am doing stuff that was previously a chore but now I find it easier to do as I am now focused on the positive side of why I am doing it, rather then making excuses and not doing what I want to do.
I know what I want and it has just really challenged me to actually physically do what I want…it has had an incredible effect really.  I still listen to the recording Vicky gave me after our last session, actually I listened it a few times last week…because it just makes me feel good.   Thankyou for your help Vicky I really appreciate it.”

Kate Ivey – Personal Trainer
 “I had the most amazing birth. It was relaxed and peaceful, for both my baby and I.  I genuinely feel excited and full of energy telling the story about it!  My baby was drinking on the breast 14 minutes after his arrival, showing how easy his entrance to the world was for him.

My birth was successful as I was mentally prepared, and had the tools to relax my body and entice my baby through the intensity of the contractions. Using the different types of breathing techniques I had practised for each stage, I was able to work with my baby to allow them to enter the world as calmly as possible, which in turn meant less stress on my body and no tearing!  My birth was completely natural, without any interference.

I was prepared thanks to Vicky, who took me for Hypno Birthing in the last 10-12 weeks of my pregnancy. With Vicky’s kind, peaceful and nurturing approach we were able to get me in a very relaxed state where I could imagine my birth and my baby, and how I wanted my birth to be. When it was time, I was in the right frame of mind for birth and was able to use the deep relaxation techniques learnt.  Most beneficial was that Vicky helped me to trust my body and the natural process of childbirth.
I think it goes without saying, that I highly recommend help from Vicky in the form of Hypno Birthing, in preparing yourself for Child Birth. Thank you Vicky for helping my baby and I to have such a wonderful experience. Your enthusiasm, caring nature and genuine excitement in the build up to my birth helped me to believe in myself and my body.”

Abby Hamilton – Department of Conservation
“I thought I was just going to deal with my phobia, it turned out for me, hypnotherapy helps with daily life.
I was going through a process of ‘being ready’ to deal with a phobia, as it was getting in the way of daily life at times. When I decided to try hypnotherapy I didn’t know what to expect, but found Vicky to be very approachable, her genuine interest and caring manner helped me feel comfortable, which led me to be open with what I needed help with; as we openly chatted and got into the process of my first hypnosis session.

I found the hypnosis part of hypnotherapy to be really relaxing, I felt in control and could felt I could be alert at anytime. Vicky makes you feel like you’re in confident and confidential hands! Vicky’s passion to assist through hypnosis, and my effort to help myself really has facilitated changing patterns, of how I deal with the feeling of panic and has increased confidence. I can now ‘surprisingly’ handle my phobia, and even touch what I was once ‘ridiculously’ scared of. It’s not completely gone, but I can 150% better deal with that horrible ‘freak out’ feeling I used to get.

Vicky gives you ‘self work’ to do between sessions, at first I thought “oh no…. how am I going to make time for this…” It ended up being easy. Vicky has such a dedicated and caring approach, it really helps with making the effort, and at the end of my sessions I realised how helpful this ‘self work’ is for me to continue for as long as I want to.

If you are someone that does not know much about hypnotherapy or what to expect from hypnosis sessions, but you do know you want to make some changes in your life. I can confidently tell you it works! As well as being a great experience and an enlightening journey.   Thank you Vicky!!!!”

Leonie Rausmussen – HR Manager
“I wouldn’t have tried hypnosis if I hadn’t known Vicky as someone who is trustworthy and professional, so figured if she was practising hypnosis it couldn’t be scary!  So went to my first session feeling comfortable.

During the first session we did an exercise prior to hypnosis that really made me go ‘mmm.. there is something different about this’, this exercise made me realise; that my thoughts and what I visualise and focus on creates a physical affect. It was a simple exercise but powerful and I then felt myself being more receptive, I felt myself open my mind a little bit more to being hypnotised.

I didn’t have any issue I really needed to sort out, but thought it would be great to relax more easily. Which I did, I found the experience deeply relaxing and enjoyable, in fact so much so…I went back for more!

Vicky gave me anchors for relaxing to make it easy for me to relax myself, I found myself using one unconsciously when giving a speech at work. I was starting to speed up my speech and get embarrassed as I felt the emotion build about how I felt about my college leaving…but I managed to calm myself down and started to feel confident again – it was only afterwards when I had finished that I realised (as I let go of pressing my finger and thumb) I had been using my relaxation anchor…and it had worked! As a whole I was surprised at how effective hypnosis is and how quickly it works.”

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