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How much does each session cost?
Free 15 minute consultation available so you can find out how it will work for you.                                     
Your 1st session involves lots of information gathering so can last for 1½ hours and costs $120.
Each session after that tends to last between 50 minutes and 1 hour and costs $90.

Reductions for block bookings
(all include 1 x 1½ hr 1st session, then 1hr sessions thereafter): –
3 x session NZD    $270 (normally $300)
5 x session NZD    $430  (normally $480)
7 x sessions NZD   $595  (normally $660)
If you are a New Zealander and are under financial strain or on a benefit please contact me through email and we may be able to organise a sliding scale or gradual payment option.

The one-off stop smoking program lasts about 1½ hours and costs $150. It includes a free follow up session if necessary, plus a CD for you to listen to at home to reinforce the work done in the session.

How many sessions will I need?
This varies from person to person but most people come for between 5 and 7 sessions. Most clients report significant improvements in that time. Hypnotherapy is definitely a brief intervention and is not a treatment that lasts years and years. On the other hand, effective and lasting change can take a little time. In other words, it isn’t all just going to happen instantly so please don’t expect a one-session magic wand.
The only time I sometimes see clients on a one-off basis is for smoking cessation.

 Payment Options Include
Cash (for one to one sessions at Vicky’s office)
Internet banking, (bank details will be sent to you after the first free consultation)
If having a Skype or phone session with Vicky payment of the sessions need to be received at least 3 days before the appointment time.
If you are working with Vicky in person you may pay when attending your first session.


  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  2. Iain Nurse

    WOW! Excellent website and feedback!! I will be in contact very soon.
    Kind Regards
    Iain Nurse (Queenstown based)

  3. Luke Hutchinson

    Hi I’m interested in coming to see you for a few sessions I’ve heard some poeople in the fight scene getting good results from hypnotherapy I’m currently training for a fight and looking to get more focus and motivation is it something you think you could help with?

    • Hi Luke,
      Good to hear from you – sorry in my delay in getting back to you I keep sending a reply to your email but it bounces back.
      Exciting preparing for a challenge eh? Although I haven’t worked with a fighter before I work all the time to help clients with focus and motivation. Are you feeling a lack of this? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) where are you at for this fight.

      When is the fight? If you send me your phone number and a good time to call – it would be good to have a chat about what you want to make happen for yourself.

      Talk soon


    • Brendan Mosdell

      Hi there Vicky,

      I am looking at seeing you to stop smoking. Can you please get back to me with some more details regarding this.


      • Hi Brendan, if you send me your email to vickscooper@yahoo.co.nz.
        I will send you some details, an intake form – plus an exercise to do…that gets you clear on why you want to stop. Look forward to hearing from you.
        Thanks Vicky

  4. Andrew Wilson

    1 off $150 for stop smoking? Is this an individual session, and how far in advance would I need to book? I’m working in queenstown at the moment.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Andrew, yes that is for one session individualised to you. You need to commit to listening to the recording we make for 10 days after, to make it easy for yourself to let go. I will email you some potential times – great you are in Queenstown, Lets do it! Talk soon Vicky

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